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Start a Moms In Motion Fitness Tribe in your Community

Mom is the most important job on the planet! Our Tribes recharge, empower and support Mom to take care of herself first, so that she thrives in all her roles!

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Here are some awesome benefits of building your own Fitness Tribe

Earn Money on your own Schedule!

Imagine a meaningful job that is dynamic, fun and rewarding, that doesn't take time away from your family because you work only when you want to, and that allows you to choose how much you want to earn.  

Be a Role Model for your Family and a Leader in your Community!

Imagine being an active, fit and vibrant leader who inspires others to grow into their potential. Imagine the positive impression you'll make on your own children.   

Connect with like-minded Women sharing your same Values!

Imagine the sense of belonging, camaraderie and support you'll find within a community of like-minded friends that share your values of fitness, family, and caring for ourselves first so that we are better in all our roles. 

Make an Impact and be part of something MEANINGFUL & BIGGER than you!

Imagine being an integral part of a global movement to reach, recharge, and empower every mom, every family, and every community. Imagine the ripple effect our movement has on the world we live in and will leave behind for our children. 

We Promise You This: Whatever you want from this Opportunity, we will help you every step of the way to achieve it!

Frequently Asked Questions

This isn't new to us. We've been helping Leaders build Fitness Tribes around the world since 1999! Here's a few of the most common asked questions. 

  • What is a Moms In Motion Fitness Tribe?

    A year-round group that meets 1, 2, 3 or 5 days each week with their Tribe Leader to train together. Our proprietary Fitness Tribes are comprised of RUNFIT, WALKFIT, HIKEFIT, TRIFIT and COREFIT. If you are experienced in another discipline, you are welcome to build and lead a Tribe; whether is yoga, hula, dancing, rowing, etc. But we are far more than Fitness. We are a safe place to share, learn from one another, go after our personal reach goals, and give & receive whatever support we need for all stages of motherhood! 

  • Is this a Franchise?

    No. Franchise Companies charge tens of thousands of dollars per location, which would limit who can build a Moms In Motion Fitness Tribe. And that just wouldn't support our mission to reach every mom in every community! So instead, we've made our Sign Up Fee as small and as risk-free as possible to provide this opportunity to anyone with a heartfelt desire to lead, and a passion for fitness and motherhood! 

  • What differentiates MIM from other workout groups?

    We are far more than fitness! Instead of a class model, our Members make a lasting commitment to a supportive fitness community, a year-round program where we really get to know you, to know your kids, to know your heart. Far more than a gym or fitness class environment, Moms In Motion provides a sense of belonging within a group of like-minded women in a similar stage of life, with shared experiences, values and goals. What starts with Fitness, transforms into meaningful social connections, friendships and lifestyle support. 

  • How do I earn Money?

    Monthly Tribe Memberships are at the foundation of all our Business Models, whether you meet one, two, three or 5 days per week. Members pay a Monthly Membership Fee of $37, $70 or $97 respectively for 1, 2 or 3 Coach-Led Practicers / Week. It's up to you to decide how many practices per week you want to lead, and your members can then choose what works for them!

  • Why Should I Start a Moms In Motion Fitness Tribe?

    We have a variety of Business Models to choose from to match your unique schedule and income goals. You get a personal Tribe Leader Mentor to walk you step-by-step through our Fitness Tribe Development Program so you can hit the ground running! And you can earn income through Members, Specialized Programs, Corporate Sponsors, Corporate Wellness and by signing up your friends to Build a Tribe in their community!

  • Do I need to have a Fitness Background?

    No! Whether you are a Certified Fitness Trainer or have zero fitness experience - we provide all the tools and technology you'll need to run your own business! And if you are a seasoned veteran, bring that energy and experience with you as you gain a new way to enhance your existing fitness business and distinguish yourself from all the other fitness professionals in your community.  

  • How much Income can I make?

    Moms In Motion provides several Business Models to choose from with additional revenue opportunities to ideally match your economic goals. Whether you are interested in adding a supplemental, secondary, or even a primary source of household income. Our Business Models range from $5000 to more than $250,000 annually. You will learn which Business Model is right for you during your 60 day Fitness Tribe Development Training, and your Personal Leader Mentor will assist you in implementing whichever Model you choose! 

  • What additional income opportunities do I have?

    You can add all sorts of additional revenue streams to your team including Speciality Fitness, Performance, Lifestyle or Nutritional Programs, Business Sponsorships, Corporate Wellness, Goods & Apparel, and our Peer Coach Incentive Program. Details of each Income Revenue Stream will be introduced during your Coach Training Program, and your Personal Coach Mentor will assist you in applying whatever Revenue Streams you choose! 

Here's what our Tribe Leaders & Members think about MIM

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"Rewarding and

I love MIM. It's the most rewarding and life-giving work I've ever done. I want every mom to have it as a resource. I'm making sure of that in Knoxville!

Nora Hassell - Knoxville TN Coach

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"The Community!"

I show up week after week for the community! The Mommas in MIM have become such dear friends, and have shared all the joys (first teeth) and low moments (poop all over the bathroom) of motherhood with me. I am so blessed to count these women and their families as part of my village, and couldn't recommend this group more!"

Becca Tinker - Team Member

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"Fun, Flexible and
On My Time"

I started a MIM Tribe because we needed additional income, without taking time away from our 5 children. MIM has been an opportunity for me to bring in a second income, in a meaningful way that is FUN, FLEXIBLE and on MY TIME. I've never loved working this much! 

Lucy Ratliffe - Santa Barbara CA Coach

Tools to Build Your Fitness Tribe

Training Plans & Nutrition Guidance

Create reusable training plan templates for every goal with an exercise database containing 3,000+ animated exercises. Easily generate personalized nutrition plans so your clients can work on their fitness in the kitchen as well.

Online Payments and Invoicing

Handling your finances is a breeze with The Moms In Motion App. Memberships are setup to auto renew. Invoices are automatically generated and sent to clients, who can pay via their preferred method, whether it’s direct debit, credit card, or PayPal. You never have to handle money!

Scheduling & Booking

Instead of spending hours on the phone to process appointments and cancellations, you can let Members book their sessions via your mobile app. You’ll get updated immediately on all new Member signups and cancellations. No more "roll call" or exel spreadsheets, no more confusion.

Progress Tracking

Client assessments become easy with our progress tracking features. Accessible via the mobile app or the web platform, you’ll be able to keep an eye on how your Members are doing whenever, wherever.

Want to Learn More?

Discover how our Moms In Motion Fitness Tribe Development Program works to help you get your first 20 Tribe Members!

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